Land Registry Compliant Map

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Tailte Éireann Registration Division (formerly Land Registry) accepts Land Registry maps, with Irish Transverse Mercator (ITM) co-ordinates shown on the upper right corner and the lower left corner


A Land Registry Compliant Map is an extract (A4 or A3 size) of the most up to date mapping detail for the defined Area of Interest. The data is supplied as a PDF.

The purpose of a Land Registry Compliant Map is

    • To provide a map of the Area-of-Interest for submission in support of a Land Registry application.

    • To provide a map of the Area-of-Interest, for submission to the Tailte Éireann Registration Division for the purpose of buying or selling land.

Note: Land Registry Compliant maps contain specific data map layers that make it unsuitable for planning purposes.

More Information
Also Known As Land Reg, Large Scale Map, Land Reg Map, LRCMap
Language English
Licence Land Registry
Media File Download
Method Download
File Format PDF X/1-A
Horizontal Spatial Reference ITM
Relative Resolution Core
Map Name Land Registry Compliant Map
DPI 600
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