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Designed for tourist and leisure activities, the Discovery Series digital extracts are a site centred plot of your area of interest that is defined by you and output as a downloadable geotiff with the selected spatial referance ITM or IG 


 Discovery maps are produced at a scale of 1:50,000 (or 2cm on paper equals 1 kilometre on the ground). Each Discovery Sheet covers an area of 40km x 30km surface area (with the exception of several portrait-format sheets, which are 42km x 32km). There are 93 sheets in the series; 75 are produced by Tailte Éireann, and 18 by Ordnance Survey Northern Ireland. The maps produced by Ordnance Survey Northern Ireland are called the Discoverer Series.

This is a comprehensive series of feature-rich maps which show detailed landscape information, like rivers, lakes, contours and many townland names. The Discovery Series is designed primarily for tourist and leisure activities; these maps are the preferred choice for hill walkers and those in pursuit of the great outdoors. It is also an ideal reference for location-focussed business use, in pocket-friendly folded form or as a wall-mounted reference.

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Language English
Licence Project Use
Media File Download
Method Download
Relative Resolution Regional
Colour Model 1-bit B & W
Compression LZW
Schema OSi DLM v1.0
Year 1824
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