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Designed for tourist and leisure activities, the Discovery Series digital extracts are a site centred plot of your area of interest that is defined by you and output as a downloadable geotiff with the selected spatial referance ITM or IG 


 Discovery maps are produced at a scale of 1:50,000 (or 2cm on paper equals 1 kilometre on the ground). Each Discovery Sheet covers an area of 40km x 30km surface area (with the exception of several portrait-format sheets, which are 42km x 32km). There are 93 sheets in the series; 75 are produced by Ordnance Survey Ireland, and 18 by Ordnance Survey Northern Ireland. The maps produced by Ordnance Survey Northern Ireland are called the Discoverer Series.

This is a comprehensive series of feature-rich maps which show detailed landscape information, like rivers, lakes, contours and many townland names. The Discovery Series is designed primarily for tourist and leisure activities; these maps are the preferred choice for hill walkers and those in pursuit of the great outdoors. It is also an ideal reference for location-focussed business use, in pocket-friendly folded form or as a wall-mounted reference.

More Information
Language English
Brand Ordnance Survey Ireland
Licence Project Use
Constraint Type By Maximum Ground Area
Media File Download
Method Download
Vertical Spatial Reference OSGM15
Relative Resolution Regional
Colour Model 1-bit B & W
Compression LZW
Schema OSi DLM v1.0
Year 1824
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